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Besties: Skin Health

Besties: Skin Health

Besties: Skin Health

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Mighty Power Mini Chews for Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is common problem and is often linked to gut imbalance and inflammation.

Bestie Skin uses postbiotics, Chinese herbs, and algal extracts in a highly therapeutic, soft mini chew to work on the gut-skin connection, and improve skin health.

No mess, No fuss, Just right -all in one tasty chew.

  • 400.5mg olive fruit extract
  • 325.5mg Algimun algae extract
  • 79.5mg Chinese liquorice
  • 79.5 Chinese Foxglove
  • 79.5 White Peony
  • 12mg Lactobacillus rhamnosus 400bn cfu/g
  • 12mg Lactobacillus paracasei 400bn cfu/g
  • Plus other whole food ingredients:
  • papaya, Kakadu Plum, Aniseed Myrtle
  • and tapioca starch, gelatin, sun ower oil, organic vegetable glycerine, beef bone broth, prebiotic carrot fibre, water, salt, sunflower lecithin.
  • Probiotic, heat-treated strains over 6,500 times stronger than leading competitor

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My beautiful dogs Dexter and Khaleesi go absolutely crazy for these healthy treats. Supermarket treats literally make them sick and I never go there anymore. I have such confidence that I am giving them the best, taste and health wise, with Woofing Wonders. It would be coming up to a few years ago now that we got on board. I highly recommend them for all fur children.


As Dermatology specialists we have the highest standards for our patients who are often receiving elimination or restricted diets.  We love Woofing Wonders because we can select exactly which treats suit our patients and we know there are no hidden ingredients. What’s most important is that even the fussiest and most nervous patients can always be won over with Woofing Wonders. Thank you Jilly and team for making our patients’ visits more enjoyable and Fear Free.

Dr Sharon Bryden - Registered Specialists Dermatology

Hi! I'm Kora and I love my woofing wonders treats! I think they are super tasty and mum says they are really good for me too! I was diagnosed with severe arthritis at 6 months old and need good nutritious snacks and woofing wonders are made with high quality goodies and mum says that's important for me! 


Sama and Tully LOVED their special meatloaf and peanut butter cookies from the recent Pet Expo. I was trying to make it last. Tully kept yelling at me to give her more... So it lasted a matter of seconds! Thanks Woofing Wonders! 


"We have been using and selling the Woofing Wonders range of pet treats for some time now and I haven't found anything else quite as popular for both pets and their people! The Woofing Whitebait is absolutely sensational!"

Gary Beilby