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Is my dog gluten intolerant?

Can My Dog Be Gluten Intolerant?
Ten years ago if someone had come along with a gluten intolerant dog they would have received a few strange looks. Fast forward to today however and increasing numbers of dogs are coming to us suffering from ailments like allergies, skin problems, and dietary issues.
As a pet owner you’re asked to battle marketing, confusing labelling, cost, and the desire to do what’s best for your furry friend. The trouble is that challenge isn’t becoming any easier.
More additives, fillers, supplements, and ingredients are being introduced to commercial dog foods every day and it’s near impossible to tell what is going to be good for your dog in the long run.
Increasingly the terms Grain free and wheat free are being introduced on pet foods, but does that mean dogs are becoming gluten intolerant? In most cases these ‘buzz words’ have been added to invent a problem and sell more product. However that doesn’t mean that all foods agree with all dogs.
And yes, it’s not common but you can get a gluten intolerant dog.
Dog Nutritionist Jilly Pleiter has a diagnostic approach to pet health that starts with life and diet assessments to ascertain the root cause of food problems and then designs diets to suit. “It might not be gluten intolerance but a host of other things that could be causing your best friend to feel unwell”.
With years of experience helping rescue dogs across the world Jilly teamed up with Woofing Wonders to create a range of treats and meals without the unnecessary ingredients and ‘bag fillers’ the commercial producers can use.
“At Woofing Wonders we believe that if we give our pets the food and nutrients nature intended then many diseases and allergies could be avoided.   We use the freshest, human grade ingredients that will have your dog drooling for more whilst giving your pet something that’s actually beneficial to their health and happiness.”
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