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Bupa Pet insurance review’s Woofing Wonders

Woofing Wonders Helps Make Choosing Healthy Pet Treats Made Easy

Most pet owners like to give their pets a treat from time to time. Part of providing a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet for your pet can include spoiling them and showing them how much we love them occasionally! Treats are also extremely useful to use as a reward when training a puppy, or to provide a distraction or a way of entertaining your pet, perhaps when they are left alone and you want them to be stimulated to avoid boredom.

It is, however, important to consider what treats you give your pet if you deviate from their staple diet. Not only do you need to watch their weight, some foods can be harmful or even poisonous to certain animals. Certain ingredients can trigger allergic reactions or health conditions, or can upset a delicate tummy or cause digestive problems. The last thing you need is an overweight or unwell pet because you gave them the wrong thing too regularly, when your intension was to show them how much you care. Not to mention the sizable vet’s bill that you could incur.

Choosing the Right Treat for Your Pet

We know that as a pet owner you’re asked to battle marketing, confusing labelling, cost, and the desire to do what’s best for your furry friend. The trouble is that challenge isn’t becoming any easier.

And unless you have the knowledge and inclination to make your own healthy treat, it’s often best to leave it to the experts with an in-depth knowledge of animal breeds to develop tasty morsels for your pet. Buying treats from a reputable pet shop will mean that you are giving them a treat that is also beneficial to their health. Here at Woofing Wonders we have developed a range of delicious homemade treats that are made without wheat flours or preservatives and are full of vitamins and minerals. Included in their range are treats with mint for fresher breath and turkey for those seeking a lower-fat option.

The World Is Catching on

We’re not the only ones who are striving to provide you with the knowledge highly nutritious snacks. A recent article released by Bupa Pet Insurance rounds up the pet companies who are selling healthy snacks and their recommendations. We were thrilled to be included in the article, ‘Choosing Healthy Pet Treats Made Easy‘.

The Perfect Treat

Woofing Wonders uses fresh, human-grade ingredients and can tailor-make treats for dogs with special nutritional requirements. Our treats are different sizes because they understand that your pet pooches come in all different shapes and sizes and have very different tastes and dietary requirements. From fish to pork to kangaroo to lamb’s liver, there is a treat available for your pooch whatever his favourite ingredient may be.

When you choose a treat for your dog, you want to be sure that it is good for them as well as being great tasting! Woofing Wonders has made choosing healthy pet treats easy with their range of homemade goodies.

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